Semea is all about sharing. We believe that everyone has special memories of being at a table with their loved ones and that these moments will always have a connection with food.

Semea – that means son in Basque – is an extension of Chef Vasco Coelho Santos vision and influences.

At the restaurant, people are invited to a casual and friendly environment. The food is a combination of fresh ingredients and the Portuguese essence. We respect the origin of the product so that the end result is a sustainable menu that result from the combination of outsanding ingredients.

We want you to feel our atmosphere, taste our menu, laugh, talk, create and share memories with your family and friends. After all, that’s what food is all about.



Our menu changes according to the ingredients that we get from our producers. We favour the use of fresh and seasonal ingredients from Portuguese producers in every dish that we cook.


At Semea by Euskalduna, the product is the king. It is the foundation and source of our ideas and dishes. It challenges us to innovate and do tests. Help us understand better the true DNA of gastronomy.

So, we make sure that we take advantage of the wealth and diversity that Portugal has to offer. Regardless of the origin, region or typology, there is a special and relevant place for the Portuguese ingredients at our restaurant.

We work the product considering its characteristics. We maintain the simplicity and drop too intrusive techniques. We connect its origin to sustainability so that, when it gets to your plate, you can take advantage of a synaesthesia of flavours and textures.


You can book a table at our restaurant by:

+351 938 566 766

Wednesday – Monday
12:00 . 15:00
19:00 . 23:00



Rua das Flores, 179 RCH

+351 938 566 766